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 Our Key Services will get you started with the essential visuals to market your listing on the MLS. For more services beyond the standard, cycle though the services above or give us a call.

*Full edits include window pulls, sky replacements, grass enhancements, adjustments to exposure and color correction. Mismatched lights and warm lights might be de-saturated to a neutral color.

*Basic edits only include adjustments to exposure and color correction.

*Posts that are installed on a listing for longer than 2 months will be issued a renewal fee of $25 per month

Standard Listing Videos do not include agent or any talent on camera.


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Photo Service & Policy

Typically 30-35 images are delivered for a 2,000 sq ft property with an additional 4 to 8 per extra 1,000 sq ft. Monday thru Thursday daytime photo shoots have a next day turnaround. Any photos shot on a Friday, Holiday, or weekend day is moved to a 48-72 hour delivery schedule. If adding on a twilight shoot, please allow 48 hours for receipt of all photos due to how late in the day they are shot. An additional fee of $100 will apply for weekend and holiday appointments.


Standard Listing Video Service & Policy

Up to 60 seconds long  | Address & listing agent contact in the video  | Premium Licensed Music

Turnaround for standard listing videos is 48-72 business hours. Weekend appointments may extend to 72-96 hours. Once post production is completed, an email with a Dropbox link to all files will be sent.

Add On: Graphics, visual, sound design detailed lower thirds or call-outs will be billed at a minimum of $50/hr for editing. Additional 30 seconds can be added to the video for $50, this covers the additional onsite filming and editing. Added time can only be added prior or during the scheduled shoot 

Beyond The Transactions

Selling homes is more than transactions; it's about weaving the threads of hopes and dreams into the fabric of someone's future. Each sale carries the weight of aspirations fulfilled, memories made, and new beginnings embraced. It's the art of turning mere properties into sanctuaries, where lives are lived, and hearts are nurtured.

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